AeroLINK Features Walkthrough

AeroLINK is packed full of features. This walkthrough will break down and help you get started with all every one of them.


Server Setup & Installation

Software installation can be a very in-depth process that takes up a large amount of time. For your

convenience when installing AeroLINK please refer to this video and your instruction packet.


Text / Email Gateway Demonstration

With AeroLINK you are able to send messages from a computer or smartphone directly to a two-way radio and vice versa.

GPS Demonstration

AeroLINK features a live GPS tracking solution that allows users to track vehicle location, speed, direction of travel and more!

GPS, Text / Email Gateway Demonstration

AeroLINK is a PC-based client-server messaging solution that allows the exchange of text messages or emails between a computer and Motorola MOTOTRBO or Hytera DMR digital Two-Way Radio systems. It allows Two-Way radio users to send, receive, and reply to emails as text messages. The software is very easy to deploy. Simply install the software, connect via a cable to the PC, and in a few minutes you’ll be able to send messages to radios.

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